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Our cutting-edge filming service produces immersive 360 degree videos. We can change how you capture your world, and remember your cherished moments



Photography has changed everything

It was no later that Camera was of enormous sizes. Than advancement took place and now we have DSLRs, and our Smartphones to capture quality Images and videos. Trends changes with time and with the development of technology, we started talking HD, 3D, 4K images, and videos.

oculus-1360-virtual reality

Another leap for the mankind, the virtual reality meets the photography which fuses to give 360 degrees Virtual Reality Photography. The stereoscopic cameras and the equipment are much developed to take Panoramic, stereoscopic photos and 3d stereoscopic videos which account for an astonishing effect on the viewers. So here’s how we do it.

oculus-riftThe Future of 3D Stereoscopic Video

Youtube, filmmakers, & game developers start using it. Its use has begun on the world’s largest video sharing website YouTube to create awesome 3d stereoscopic video.It is used in gaming, and movies as well. The trend is taking an inclination towards the Film-making and it will change the meaning of filmmaking in upcomings years. Further, 3d stereoscopic techniques can promote stereoscopic 3d video in multiple genres.


360-degree VR Photography

360 Degree VR Photography have become popular amongst people of all ages. The stunning wide 360 angle panorama which is achieved with the help of special Stereoscopic 3d Cameras with several lenses placed at predefined angles and shoots 3d stereoscopic videos with its omnidirectional camera . The technology has to grab huge attention from the people in a little time span. The use of a stereoscopic camera is valuable and can constitute a great degree of success.

Features of 3d Stereoscopic Cameras

Stereoscopic Cameras are useful in taking Panorama in Stereoscopic angles.The user can drag the video screen to change the direction of the videos. The Stereoscopic Videos can capture stunning 360-degree videos which happen to be the trend followed by people all over the world. Try watching a movie on VR Camera and enjoy watching it as if you do when you watch it in Multiplexes.

Get Started with Stereoscopic 3D Camera

Using a Stereoscopic Video camera is easy, however, it is expensive.3d Steroscopic video involves cutting edge technology. A pair of Oculus Rift costs $600 and hence some 3d Stereoscopic camera rental and hire services have emerged. Now capturing Stereoscopic video has become even convenient. There are many uses of the stereoscopic 3d camera as given above.

What Can we do?

We know that not all of us can buy a new Oculus rift or other Stereoscopic Video Camera as the cost are very high. We provide Mobile Virtual Reality Service. You can hire us submitting your details to get a callback or call us on the given contact number. The stereoscopic panorama involves is a unique feature that should be further addressed.Oculus rift stereoscopic 3d technology is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage in the field.

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